FAQ r1.6




1.       What's the problem with spray-on lubricants?

2.       Why are classic gravity-feed chain oilers so difficult to adjust?

3.       Does continuous lubrication increase chain life?

4.       What about fling-off?

5.       If we have a lean setting, what happens when it rains or the roads are dusty?

6.       I don't ride that much, so what benefit can I get from a PRO-OILER?  




1.       How do I decide on the best setting?

2.       How do I know when my chain is properly lubricated?

3.       My chain is over-lubricated. What do I do now?

4.       My chain has gone dry. What do I do now?

5.       It's started to rain. What setting should I choose?  


Speed/Distance Signal


1.       Do I need the reed switch and magnet?

2.       I already have a PRO-OILER with a reed switch and magnet setup - can I switch to the speedometer sensor version or add a GPS module?

3.       What are the differences in operation between using the GPS module, the speedo sensor vs the reed switch?


GPS Module (Satellite controlled chain lubrication)


1.       Benefits of the GPS Module

2.       Installation of the GPS module


Reed Switch and Magnet


1.       Why do you recommend fitting the reed switch to the back wheel?

2.       I already have a Sigma bicycle computer reed switch and magnet fitted to the front wheel. Can I tap into this wiring for the PRO-OILER? 

3.       Does the position of the reed switch matter? 

4.       What is the best way to fix the magnet? 




1.       Is there a "best" placement for a nozzle?

2.       Can I place the nozzle on the front sprocket?

3.       Why is a twin nozzle better than a single nozzle?

4.       Does the nozzle material matter? Can I use a brass or aluminium tube?




1.       What oil should I use in the PRO-OILER?

2.       Do I need to use thinner oil in winter, like in a gravity feed system?

3.       Can I use thin penetrating oil like WD40?




1.       What if the pump doesn't pump after winter break?

Oil Container


1.        Is there an ideal position for the container?

2.        What is the maximum oil level in the container?

3.        Can the container be mounted with the cap pointing downwards?

4.        Can I locate the container on its side?

5.        What's the best way to refill the container?




1.       Why do I need a breather?

2.       Is the breather tube routing important?

3.       What is the best breather tube routing? Any other tips?

4.       What should I do if I see the breather tube is filled with oil?


Oil Lines


1.       I already have a chain-oiler. Do I need to replace those lines with ones provided?

2.       I have air bubbles in the line. Is this a problem?

3.       There is a trace of oil at a junction between a line and silicone connector. Is this a problem?

4.       I'd like to use brake-line or brass tubing instead of the lines provided. Is that a problem?




1.       How do I prime the pump?

2.       Do I need to prime all the air out of the lines?

3.       I'm running a prime sequence, but nothing is coming out of the nozzle. What's happening?


Pro-Oiler Maintenance


1.       Does the PRO-OILER need any maintenance?

2.       How often do I need to refill my oil container?


Chain Maintenance


1.       I've fitted a Pro-Oiler. Is that the end of chain maintenance?

2.       I've been riding in dirty conditions. What do I need to do?


Environmental Issues


1.       PRO-OILER is a total-loss lubrication system - surely this is harmful to the environment?