FAQ gps2.0


1.  Benefits of the GPS module.


The optional GPS (Global Positioning System) module is a device that derives speed data from Satellites like a SATNAV system or a smart phone.
It was introduced in 2013 and simplifies installation as there is no need to install a reed switch and magnet or to tap into the electronic speedo system of the bike.
You'll just need to install the Pro-Oiler hardware, connect it to 12 Volt power and you are ready to go.

Inside the device is a large, custom made antenna that will pick up a signal even under the (plastic based) seat or behind panels.
The signal is processed by a CPU, programmed with software that will erase any false signals or positions and generates a clean signal for the Pro-Oiler system.


2.  Installation of the GPS Module.

The GPS module is a match box sized part with a three lead cable attached.
the cable is to be connected inside the Pro-Oiler's junction box.
red = + 12 Volt
blue = Earth
Green = Pulse (#1 in the Junction box)
The GPS Module can be fitted with the provided dual sided tape under the seat (plastic base only) or behind fairing panels.
Do not fit it close to the steel fuel tank, as the steel will shield the signal.

The GPS unit can be retrofitted to existing Pro-Oiler installations,
Available in the Webshop