FAQ  r1.6


Oil Lines


1.  I already have a chain-oiler. Do I need to replace those lines with ones provided?


The Pro-Oiler system is pumped, which means:


·          It's able to push oil through much smaller ID tubing (1.8mm) than gravity feed systems (which typically use 5mm OD x 3mm ID polyurethane tubing)

·          Keeping the quantity of oil in the lines as low as possible is a major plus all round, because:

·          The lower the oil volume in the line, the quicker the lines fill when priming [see FAQ: Priming]

·          1m of 3mm ID line contains 7.07ml of fluid

·          1m of 1.8mm ID line contains 2.54ml - just over 1/3 as much

·          On a normal "dry" setting, it takes about 170km to pump the contents of a 1m length of 1.8mm ID line, but... about 470km of 3mm ID line!

·          The smaller the head of oil in the lines, the less the "pull" of the capillary action - and the less chance there is of an oil drip (from whatever source) when the system is off

2.  I have air bubbles in the line. Is this a problem?


That depends.


It is critically important to work out why the air is there.


Air in the lines can be an indication of one of the following:


·          Small air bubbles (up to 5mm long) in the lines after priming empty oil lines

-           harmless

·          Low oil level, or scavenge in the oil container is/has been stuck out of the oil and drawn air

-           easily fixed by topping up the oil level (See FAQ:Oil Container for more info on oil level)

·          An air leak in the tubing upstream of the pump

-           serious, affects performance.

·          An air leak in the tubing downstream of the pump

-           critical, the line can drain while the system is off, and disrupt or even halt lubrication.

See Tips and Tricks and Troubleshooting for more information on air in the oil lines.


3.  There is a trace of oil at a junction between a line and silicone connector. Is this a problem?


·          If there is any air in the lines, then this may be the point at which the air is entering.  In this case, yes it is a problem

·          If there is no air in the lines, then it is not essential to fix the problem. 


4.  I'd like to use brake-line or brass tubing instead of the lines provided. Is that a problem?


Functionally no. However there is an important issue:


·          If there is any air in the lines, then you will not be able see it. 

·          This is a major problem for troubleshooting oil delivery issues

·          It makes priming hit and miss.

·          If you wish to create a fixed and convoluted section (eg. to follow the contours of the inside of the swing-arm) , then consider using the provided 3mm od tubing with a wire insert to give it the required shape. You can also lightly heat the polyamide tubing to form it - practice on a spare piece!