FAQ  r1.6




What if the pump doesn't work after winter break?


First of all: Never connect the pump directly to the battery! it will damage the pump, as it is an AC pump, not DC.
The pump is activated by the system by intermitting power strokes, that's why you are measuring only 7 V. that's OK.

What I do if a customer shows up with the pump not working?
First of all I try the prime function, (feeling with my finger on the pump to detect pulses)
No pulses? or weak pulses with no oil delivery? Then I'll start the engine and try again with the bike running idle.

No pulses?
I put a 12V test lamp on the two pump terminals at the junction box, the lamp should blink when priming.
Blinking? all OK,

Take the oil lines from the pump rubbers and squirt it a few times with a spray can WD40 or Silicone spray (valve might be stuck with old oil)

Check this short video: