Speed/distance registration options
  • GPS Module
  • Speedo Sensor connection
  • Reed Switch + Magnet

GPS unit installed under the seat
of a Brammo Empulse

speedo signal tapped
on a '02 FZS 1000 Fazer

Reed switch and magnet (Yamaha R1)

One of the key advantages of the PRO-OILER is that the oil delivery is strictly related to the distance covered.

Put simply the main thing your chain cares about is the distance it has covered - more distance = more oil.
The faster you travel, the quicker you cover that distance, and the more often the pump fires.
Of course, if you're travelling slowly you need less oil than when you're pressing on, and in city traffic you hardly need any oil at all - all this is taken care of by the distance-related concept.

To know how far you have travelled, the PRO-OILER needs to collect signals from one or another source.

As from July 13: All bikes can be equiped with the optional GPS module, it takes speed distance info from satellites.
• As from Nov 04: For bikes with an electronic speedometer, the PRO-OILER can tap into the bike's own speedo sensor signal wire

• If your bike has a mechanical speedo, or a CAN-BUS system, you will need to install the optional GPS Module or the separate reed switch and magnet.

For more info, see the FAQ and the pictures in the Gallery.


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