Yamaha FJ 1200 greyscale

Installing a Pro-Oiler kit on a YAMAHA FJ 1200 is easy and straightforward.
A Reed Switch and magnet are used to obtain a speedo signal, the magnet supplied fits exactly inside the brake disk allen bolt, without glue or modification.

Of course you can use our GPS module instead, which is a lot easier to install.


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The controller is mounted in this case on the right side (left is recommended)

Pump and Junction box are installed behind a side panel, you can also install these under the seat were there's plenty of space

Container is installed behind a side panel
Yes it is harder to top up, but 100 cc lasts for 1000's of miles

Nozzle bracket installed with the supplied self-drilling, self tapping bolts
Glue or pop rivets can also be used




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